In 1987 Mr Samuel Noinyane – Executive Chairman founded Supreme Sanitation (Pty) Ltd as the first Black owned portable toilet hire company in Gauteng province to cater mainly for funerals and weddings. It now supplies a wide range of sanitation products and services, mainly to areas where there is no sewer or water reticulation infrastructure.

Honesty and Integrity

Timely Service

Continuous Improvement

Customer Focus

Working with the community to create a hygienic and safe environment.

South Africa has approximately 13% (7.27 million) of its population staying in informal settlements. Due to there being little to no infrastructure water born disease and parasites are increasingly rampant. A key concern in informal settlement is the access of clean and safe sanitation facilities which affect both personal health and exposure to crime and violence.


“Your Health-Our Pride” We deliver a cost-effective service without compromise to the environment.  We provide acceptable, hygienic sanitation for improved health to all communities as a service to all spheres of government.